MEDC was established in March 2007 by Alexandria Businessmen Association (ABA) with the aim of supporting the development of the microfinance initiative by the association and the member companies within the membership base. However, across eleven years of operations, the center gained huge insights and market understanding in the training and development areas due to the close relationship and interaction with association members and best in town trainers.

Upcoming Courses


Executive Education

Executive education is a very important aspect of the overall business development strategy. Most corporates in Alexandria started as a family business and top management and senior executives are rarely well trained due to their family relationships that guarantee career development

Business Training

MEDC blends both theory and practice by providing its customers with online/offline simulation programs aiming at improving understanding of business theories and best practice along with the realities of industries and business environment change. Part of the simulation programs will run within the real organization of members serving both students and business in a highly interactive manner.

Micro-Finance Training

As the micro-finance field has become increasingly professional in its approach over the past few decades, lack of capacity at all levels – from retail institutions to industry supervisors – remains a key bottleneck in expanding access to finance.

Training Event Hosting

MEDC supports your private training event and understands your full needs. MEDC provides high-quality private training events hosting using its up-to-date training facilities and equipment along with several supporting services from providing coffee breaks to managing the entire event on your behalf.

Our Customers’ Feedback

Devoted team with best commitment ever

Dalia KawannaFloorfilla Media

The highest level of service and place is more than excellent

تامر شراكى للتدریب والاستشاراتMambajuice

انا بحب المكان ده جدا تربط علاقة شغل مدتها تقریبا ٥ سنین ومازال لحد دلوقتي .. لما بشتغل في مبحسش اني ناقصني حاجة رغم صعوبه الكورسات بتاعتنا .. موقع متمیز وادارة   محترمة ومتعاونیین جدا وبعد التجدیدات اصبح افضل .. نتمني یطور اكتر واكتر ان شاء الله

Raafat Ezz

Great place & very well prepared for courses

Mohamed Salah